Alive in Your Life, And Ahead of the Times

"Precious resources" supporting every industry ---
In order to turn out stronger and finer resources, our forerunners have devoted themselves to their studies for many long years and achieved technical innovations in controlling "fire" and "heat" as marked in the history. Today, all resources are indispensable in diverse ways for your life. As a supplier of raw materials of refractories and various ceramics, Itochu Ceratech has been supporting the iron and steel making business and involved deeply in your life. We will keep meeting your needs with our time-honored certified technologies through our worldwide network and thereby pursuing the "provision of affluent life."


Environmental management

Image of Environmental management

While environmental problems are getting social assignments, we are promoting our thorough energy-saving strategies.
We process exhaust gas from rotary kilns through a heat exchanger and reuse it as secondary air for combustion and heat source for drying. In addition, we are developing a waste heat recovery boiler for recovering radiant heat from kilns jointly with a boiler manufacturer. Thus, we are making continuous effort to achieve new measures.

Environmental equipment

Various dust collecting system / industrial water recovery system / waste heat recovery boiler / heat exchange system
silencing equipment / CO2 emission reduction equipment