Loop System - Reclaiming and reusing CERABEADS® in a loop system.

As an alternative to silica sand, CERABEADS® has over 20 years of experience for use as system sand in more than 30 applications. Its characteristics as a hard sand to crush while also being thermally stable, means that even with the use of a hard scrub reclaimer a high yield can be achieved. Reclaimed CERABEADS® can be reused not only for backing but also for cores and facing on molds where traditionally special sands are used. This eliminates the need and troubles required to use several different sands on different areas of the mold.

Furthermore, by using CERABEADS® in a loop system, it will greatly reduce crystalline silica particles in the foundry while raising the quality of the castings.

ITOCHU CERATECH CORPORATION is committed to helping the customer with technical support and sand cost evaluations when introducing CERABEADS® into their foundry. Also after implementation we continuously provide after care support and sand management analysis of reclaimed CERABEADS®.

ITOCHU CERATECH CORPORATION strives to improve the work place environment and product quality of the foundry which employs CERABEADS® through sales and technical support.

Case of Steel Foundry

Case of Steel Foundry