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The mission of ITOCHU CERATECH CORPORATION is to allow various materials from around the world to penetrate into people's lifestyle.

Our products range from refractory raw materials and new materials such as new ceramics, to various peripheral equipment.

We also contribute to improving efficiency and cost by meeting the needs of iron and steel plants around the world by exporting the most advanced refractory products, machinery and consumables for iron and steel plants.

We are constantly developing new materials, building on our superior capability of collecting information and taking prompt action.

Sales Items (Materials)

<Materials for Refractory>

KaMin kaolin

[ Ceramics Sales Dept. Ceramics Sec.1 Team.1 ]

1-1, Higashiyamaji-cho, Seto-shi,
Aichi 489-0854, Japan

TEL +81-561-82-8213
FAX +81-561-21-4166

Sales Items (Products)

<Refractory product>

Refractory products for iron and steel making, secondary refining, and continuous casting with flow control mechanism.

<Ceramic shell mould material

for Investment casting>

Alumina silicate, Fused silica, Colloidal silica

[ Ceramics Sales Dept. Ceramics Sec.1 Team.2 ]

12-8, Shiokusa-cho, Seto-shi,
Aichi 489-0895, Japan

TEL +81-561-21-5670
FAX +81-561-21-4124